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Help the mind disassociate itself from unresolved emotions.

It has long been established that psychological and emotional problems can be connected to physical factors such as hormone changes, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, allergies, lack of sleep, inadequate diet etc. Today it is well recognized that a psychological / emotional problem is not only a problem in the mind but one can also treat or help it physically. For example, psychiatrists use drugs to alter the state of mind, change behavior, change patterns of thinking etc. Diet and exercise are known to expand the minds functioning and help the person cope with psychological / emotional problems. There are various herbs throughout generations that are known to also contribute to the health of the mind.
Our herbal formula is designed to heal and help the person who has unresolved emotions. Almost everyone could perhaps look into their life and declare that there are some ongoing unresolved emotions. Fortunately some do not bother the person as much, some bother occasionally and some bother constantly and need actual mental treatment. This is where Nonichai Peace of Mind comes into the picture. Therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists could realize the benefits of our herbal formula whereby the person feels at ease to cope with those emotions and can let go of them more easily.
Nonichai Peace of Mind helps the mind disassociate itself from unresolved emotions. Sometimes if those emotions could be solved then our Nonichai Peace of Mind can help the person find courage to either face those emotions in therapy, or face the person who is the cause of their emotional problem.
If lets say the person or situation or event which is the cause of their unresolved emotional problems cannot be approached, they find tremendous help by being able to disassociate their mind from that painful event or experience or emotion. It gives peace of mind to the person who is often plagued by emotional disturbances and worries or frustrations. The person no longer feels bothered or upset about those matters that usually trigger an emotional response.
Suggested Usage:
No more than one capsule at bedtime. Use initially for one month. Thereafter, use as needed. Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing, or if you are taking blood-thinning Medication. Do not take with alcohol.
Note: One must take with this product a Zinc supplement of 30mg per day.

When taking Nonichai Peace of Mind at bedtime, do not take that same night Mild Depression to Joy, Major / Bipolar Depression to Joy, Natural Herbal Tranquilizer, or Turn Anxiety to Tranquility for Women.