Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

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Lose up to 10 points a month and start living healthier today!

Many people have high cholesterol , which obviously brings with it greater risk of heart disease etc. There are many varied reasons for high cholesterol: some are medical issues that need to be addressed such as hypothyroidism, but most often the cause of high cholesterol is diet related , some hereditary etc. People are often put on medications to lower their cholesterol levels. There are many medications to lower cholesterol but unfortunately each of those medications carry with them many unpleasant side effects.

Our herbal formula for lowering cholesterol naturally does not have all those unpleasant side effects. It helps one to lose up to 10 points a month if two capsules are taken every day at bedtime. If one wishes to lose more than 10 points per month (up to 20), one should take four capsules at bedtime. But do NOT exceed this dosage.

It is extremely important that one checks ones blood level once a month to monitor progress. When ones desired level of cholesterol is achieved (usually total cholesterol levels of around 180mg per deciliter (mg/dl), then one must coordinate ones consumption of the herbs perhaps to only one capsule a day, or every other day (depending upon whether one observes any dietary restrictions as well), and continue checking cholesterol each month to be sure one does not drop below 180 (total cholesterol level).

It is strongly recommended that you consult with your medical doctor and show him the results of your blood tests, because depending upon your medical condition and the cause of your high cholesterol, it is important that your progress should be monitored by your doctor and he should decide your optimal level of total cholesterol (which could be different than 180 for some people).
Suggested Usage:
2 capsules at bed time lowers the cholesterol by up to 10 points per month. 4 capsules per night lowers the cholesterol by 20 points per month.
Do not exceed 4 capsules per night!
Not for use during pregnancy.