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Get rid of headaches, severe cramps, back pain, pains radiating to the knees.

Many women and girls suffer terribly from the discomfort of monthly menstrual periods. Some experience headaches, severe cramps, back pain, sometimes pain radiating to their knees, general weakness, fatigue, abdominal pain etc. To some women it is a nightmare that they dread each month. They just wish they could take a pill that would allow them to function normally. Unfortunately, most of the products on the market do very little to effectively relieve their symptoms and many women end up taking Tylenol, which really does not offer any concrete help nor allow them to function more efficiently. Some women end up missing a day or two of work each month because they cannot cope with the pain and discomfort they go through. Nonichai Menstrual Pain Relief herbal formula is particularly effective for women or girls who experience severe back pain and inflammation of the sciatic nerve which radiates down one leg or both. This formula eliminates the inflammation and back pain in just one hour after taking two capsules. Women will feel a sudden transformation from pain and suffering to happiness and renewed energy and a feeling of tremendous relief. In most cases one is up and running again, as if there never was a problem. Please note: if menstrual pain is associated with a medical condition or problem that a person is already seeking help for, or it is due to the side affects of medications being taken, then this formula may only be partially effective in these cases. But if a woman or girl has normal menstrual pain, which is the majority of cases, then this formula brings incredible relief without any negative side affects. Suggested Usage: Two capsules at time of onset of period. Allow one hour for relief to take effect. A small percentage of severe cases may require two more capsules two hours after consumption of the first two capsules.